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2531 España A Prostitute from the Cabaret Spain fans taking the mick out of Gianluigi Buffon Lista de Reproducción
2649 España The Italians Don't Jump Hey hey! Lista de Reproducción
4508 España Scottish A Spanish fanchant against the Scots Lista de Reproducción
10108 España Shakira A spicy one from the europeans Lista de Reproducción
10901 España Salute the Champions Walking tall, just like a champion! Lista de Reproducción
11533 España If the Red Doesn't Come Out A true fan of the red would have this one! Lista de Reproducción
12427 España Curitiba Is Spanish! Taking over the Arena da Baixada in Curitiba during the World Cup 2014 Lista de Reproducción
12595 España Columbus, What Have You Done A tough one from the Spanish! Lista de Reproducción
12904 España That Star Is Not Seen A chant about Alexis Sanchez, Chile's Forward/Winger who plays for Barcelona. Chile's 'star' wasn't playing as well as he should have been! Lista de Reproducción
13524 España The Champions Are Here! Tough words from tough fans! Lista de Reproducción
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13664 España Curitiba Stadium, You Won't Move Us Never! Lista de Reproducción
14235 España The One Who Doesn't Jump! Instead of jumping you can also download the chant! Lista de Reproducción

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